Displacement – 22" x28" Acrylic on canvas

the queen - Forest Chemistry Series - 22" x 28" Acrylic on Canvas

Turtles - Forest Chemistry Series - 12"x12" Acrylic on Canvas

Bunnies - Forest Chemistry Series - acrylic on canvas

13 Steps Movie Poster - Acrylic and Chalk on Canvas 22" x 28"

Untitled - acrylic on canvas

"Identity" - acrylic on canvas
Scholastic Art Competition Gold Winner 2006

"ladder"- acrylic and papier-mache on canvas

Appetite - pastel and acrylic on canvas

untitled - mixed media on cardstock

Untitled 18" x 24" Acrylic and Paper on Canvas

ink, charcoal, conte crayon on cardstock

electric skeleton - pastel and charcoal on black paper

down the rabbit hole- 2007 oil on canvas

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